Thursday, 28 July 2016

10 Of The Best Hanging Houseplants 10 best hanging houseplantsThere are still miles to go in our Yorkshire home renovation project but we have actually started to discuss houseplants, well for certain areas anyway. I don't know about you but I really feel like I have turned a corner when the subject of houseplants come up. You may have noticed that the internet is awash with hanging planter diys, you can't have missed them. The shops are also stocking some great hanging planters, even macrame is back big time. This begs the question what are the best plants to put in them. Here are my recommendations 10 best hanging houseplants
1. Ivy 
A plant that I view as a problem in the garden due to it's invasive nature actually works really well when pot bound. It is almost un-killable which is always a bonus. 10 best hanging houseplants
2. Staghorn Fern
Ferns are amazing as houseplants because they don't want direct sunlight so that way you don't have to have all of your windows obscured by sun hungry plants. The staghorn fern has a really unusual shape that will add an area of interest to your room. 10 best hanging houseplants
3. Philodendron
This is a classic hanging basket plant but it is easy to grow and who can say no to a classic. 10 best hanging houseplants
4. String Of Pearls
This works best in the bathroom as it loves a humid environment but you can place it elsewhere and spray is with a mist of water daily. And it is so pretty 10 best hanging houseplants
5. Golden Pothos 
From the Philodendron family but with a slightly different colour and longer trails. 10 best hanging houseplants
6. Asparagus Fern 
This plant has such a delicate look with almost furry tendrils to poke through your hanging planter. 10 best hanging houseplants
7. Boston Fern
Another classic but this is usually seen in the garden. A large oversized plant in a basket, that is well secured, will make a statement in any room. 10 best hanging houseplants
8. Bear Paw Fern.
I first came to this plant because of the cute name but it is also a really cute plant too. It does well in low light - an added bonus, and has an unusual shape. 10 best hanging houseplants

9. Cacti & Succulents
You don't have to have a trailing plant or a huge plant to make a statement a grouped display of cacti and succulents would cheer up your room just nicely. I would recommend grouping them as one small plant would look lonely and a little rubbish if I am honest. 10 best hanging houseplants
10. Spider Plant
When I was little I was afraid that spiders came from spider plants, this is of course nonsense. They are cute little plants and very easy to grow they just need a less terrifying name.

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