Sunday, 20 December 2015

Copper Gilded Clay Feathers

clay and copper feather diy
After my recent exploits with air drying clay I decided to refresh the window decoration that has been up for 3 years, the driftwood display. Copper is bang on trend and I never get tired of feathers. They work so well as I hate to leave a window bare but didn't want to block the light from that area as it backs onto a courtyard and is already a dark part of the room. They would work equally as well hanging on a wall as a decorative piece. 
copper and clay feather diy
you will need;

air drying clay
a craft knife
copper paint 
rolling pin 
cutting mat  
cocktail stick
  1. Roll your clay out onto a cutting mat.
  2. Cut out feather shapes with the craft knife and smooth the edges with your finger.
  3. Make a hole in the top of your feathers with a cocktail stick. Leave them somewhere flat to dry.
  4. Once they are dry dip them in the copper paint.
  5. Leave them to dry and hang.

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