Sunday, 13 July 2014

What I Wore - Red, Spotty & Vintage

This is my truly European dress, I picked it up in a kilo store in Berlin and here I am wearing it in Paris, oh and I'm a Brit so three countries in Europe covered right there. I was in 7th heaven at the kilo store, a huge amount of vintage and a bag ready to fill with a kilo of clothes. I need to find another one of these, in fact if anyone can recommend one in Paris, London or Leeds get in touch I am a woman on a mission.

I always wanted a pair of shoes that go with everything, what I have ended up with is a pair of boots that go with EVERYTHING and I couldn't be happier. They are as comfy as slippers also so I am pretty smug, you will be seeing a lot more of these boots. 
Outfit Details

Dress -Vintage
Cardigan  - Uni Qlo
Bag - Jo Totes

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