Saturday, 7 December 2013

Handmade Paper Bows

Christmas is in full swing here and I am frantically getting everything done as I just don't know when baby Sebastian will be making his imminent arrival. He is supposed to arrive on Christmas Eve but baby will do what he does. I really like to make a big deal out of gift wrapping each year. I know they only get ripped open anyway but before then they get to sit under the tree and after that you get to give a gift to someone you love a present that is as thoughtful on the outside as it is on the inside. Although I start shopping and making much earlier in the year I save all the gifts up and wrap them in one huge session. When the Christmas tree is up, the Christmas tunes are on I sit surrounded by handmade gift wrap, tags, bows and ribbon and gifts and spend the day making everything pretty and ready for the big day.
Christmas is an expensive time but you don't need to bankrupt yourself buying bows and trimmings. I made these with nothing but an old book and a little time.
you will need;
an old book
a glue stick
a ruler
a craft mat
a craft knife
1. The first thing you need to do is cut various lengths from your old book, make sure you have at least four of each length for every bow.
2. Using your glue stick make each of the strips into circles.
3. Once you have made your circles and the glue is set make each into a bow shape as shown above. do this by gluing the two insides of the circle together.
4. Now you are ready to begin assembling your bows. Each layer will have 4 loops. Stick each loop together in the star shape shown above. Repeat the process with smaller bow loops. Before attaching the last loop to the top of the bow take a small strip of book and wrap around the middle to form the centre of the bow. Now you are all finished you can use them to adorn your gifts. Make them in various sizes depending on the size of the package. If you want to make super large ones try using a newspaper or magazine. Res-use, re-purpose, recycle!

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