Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Upcycled pencil skirt - hand embroidery

Before I worked in the creative sector I had a very grown up job in development. I went to business meeting in board rooms and I wore grown up work skirts. I do not have the need for so many work outfits of this kind anymore so I decided to up cycle one of my former work skirts into a fresh and funky fun skirt.
This project gave me the opportunity to get my sketch book out again also something I have not done in a while I was reminded how much I love to draw.
After planning the design and the colours I wanted to use I transferred the arrows to my skirt. I used chain stitch, buttonhole, satin stitch, running stitch and trellis to fill two of the arrowheads. Below is a close up of the finished stitching. I am certainly enjoying my new creation. What have you been up cycling at the moment?

Take Care
Nicolette xo


  1. Great idea! I should recommend this on my page as well!

  2. Hi, love your creative idea! Thus, i had featured your post on my website! Hope you like it!