Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fun with pumpkins & roasted pumpkin seeds

So Halloween has come and gone and although I do not partake in dressing up or leaving the house, due to being afraid that I might see someone in a convincing costume and give myself the wiggins. I do however fully embrace the carving of pumpkins. It is my favourite bit, well it is the only part that I enjoy so by default my favourite and least favourite part. I digress, nothing new there then. Below are photos of the efforts from this house. I was going for sinister faces and they just came out friendly.
After the pumpkin scooping is done you are left with lots of waste. In fact yes the waste is my least favourite part. This year I decided to put a stop to that and decided to make many pumpkin based recipes that I will share with you over the next few days, but first a quick anti waste pumpkin tip for you. Pumpkin seeds in the shops are very expensive. Rinse the goop off the seeds that you have scooped out and dry roast them in a pan. This will turn the seeds green from translucent and ready to eat. Store them in a container and shell and nibble on them whenever you like.

Take Care
Nicolette xo

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  1. I too hate wasting pumpkin seeds. I did as you say, but smothered them in honey, cinnamon, chilli, lemon zest, nigella and i think salt and cumin. They were devoured in seconds at my halloween party.