Friday, 18 November 2011

A Homespun Wedding - The Flowers


I knew I wanted the flowers to echo the homespun theme of the rest of the wedding. I also wanted the flowers to echo the stunning landscape in windswept Northumberland. I used a local florist, Helen owner of the Willow Garden in Hebden Bridge immediately understood what I wanted. We were taking everything up to the castle four days before the day itself so things had to be transportable. 

I had up cycled a multitude of wine bottles throughout the previous year - a though job but somehow I powered through! So Helen provided me with two buckets of flowers that had a wild and rugged feel to them.


When it came to bouquet I wanted the same feel, nothing too structured. I described to her in this way, "can it look like I got up that morning and picked wild flowers but you know like you would do it" - it worked as the bouquet was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Helen.


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  1. That is a beautiful bouquet! that is the same style that I love my they are from a wild garden! :)