Friday, 28 October 2011

A Homespun Wedding - Paper Garlands

Featherstone castle is a beautiful building. However it is more than a little rough around the edges and it is a vast space to decorate.

In order to decorate such a huge space without spending a huge amount of cash I really had to get my creative thinking cap on.  I as a self confessed hoarder have, or rather I had vast reams of pretty papers and art magazines! Armed with my paper stash and a butterfly paper punch a design concept was born. Butterflies became a theme for the wedding as they, for me represent beautiful new beginnings. 

After spending many evenings quietly punching butterflies and some small circles to use up smaller bits of the papers I was set for stage two.

Are you ready? Just sew them together! Sometimes simplicity is key. I loved them and they cost pennies to make.


  1. Oh, these look fab, what a great way to use up that paper!

  2. remember me trying to help nic, punch, punch 'im bored' xxx

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  4. These look fab. Pls tell me where you got the butterfly punch from.

  5. Hello

    I bought mine in a local store but you can get them online from various outlets this is the exact make and name of the one I used;
    Woodware Super Silhouette Punch Embossed Butterfly