Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Homespun Wedding - Cheese Cake

I love cheese so much so there is a strong chance I could be part mouse. I loved the idea of having a cake of cheese. As our wedding ceremony was quite early our guests would need a second feeding so the idea of being able to offer cheese and biscuits was ideal for evening snacks, I also provided hot food. 

A cheese cake from a catering company follow the link
When I started to look at quotes for wedding cheesecakes the prices were astronomical, around £500 - £700, which I think is about $800 - $1000, crazy right? I decided that just because these companies were stacking the cheese and dressing it with fruit they were marking up the cost. I started to phone around suppliers of cheese to get prices on cheeses only and I left out the word wedding. This is a word that increases prices - trust me on this.
I was right if I just bought wheels of cheese I could make a cheese cake for £100 with much nicer cheese than the wedding cheese cake companies were offering I might add. So I bought the cheese and some pretty fruit to dress the cake and assembled the cake when we got to the castle. Now take a look at our cake - what do you think?

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  1. Oh that looks yummy, what a fab idea! Not one I've come across before, mind you, who knew there were whole companies that did this?!