Friday, 21 October 2011

An Exhibition @ Heart

The lovely Alison Bartram celebrated her 5th birthday at the Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery sells contemporary jewellery crafts and art, treats for you and your home. I was happy to be part of Alison's birthday exhibition. The work that we decided on for the Heart was a body of work called 'Recollection'

This particular body of work was birthed when I was packing up my home to move once more. I stumbled upon the many items that travel with us our whole lives, in a shoebox, a kitchen drawer or cellar. They are with us for a reason and once had great purpose but are never celebrated. I was reminded of the story of the Little Fir Tree, how he was cast aside and decided to give the items from my “junk” drawer another glory day!

The items are drawn onto vintage postcards taken from my grandmothers and great aunts collection and a small story inscribed around each image telling a tale of their past. Since first completing the work I have made several commissioned works on postcards with items that hold meaning and memory for them. 

Why not pop in and visit the Heart girls to commission a truly individual and personal gift for your own items that have a story to tell. If you are not a local reader please message me about commissions as I  can work from photographs and will ship internationally.