Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Bachelorette Weekend

I was fortunate to get to spend a whole weekend, even longer in some cases with my very favourite people. Unfortunately some of my favourites could make it but they were there in spirit and sorely missed.

My team of bridesmaids and my mum cooked snacks and cupcakes, we packed them up with bottles of Prosecco and went down to Flying Saucers. There we painted pottery that Joe and I could use for coming nuptials. Not all of my friends are crafty people so I was a little concerned that not everybody would get into it. I was pleasantly surprised 2 minutes in and everyone was silent with their tongues out concentrating on their creations - "a little ouzo destructo" can work wonders on a crowd. 

We then retired to change our outfits and play a short game of 'Who Wants to be Mrs. Hargreaves' - a little like the old Mr and Mrs game, and it turns out we're a match, phew!

Lucy decided that dressing up was the way to go for the evening portion of the wedding. I myself grew up in the 80s so love the music, films etc... that is what we went for. Characters from eighties movies. Wes had a Dread Pirate Roberts - "The Princess Bride", Rita -  "Educating Rita", Stephanie -"Grease 2", Daisy - "Mystic Pizza", Leia "Return of the Jedi" (gold bikini style), Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones films. Lucy and myself went as Mr. Miyagi & Daniel, the karate kid himself. I took a paintbrush out with me for painting the fence as in the movie however it confused most onlookers who thought I was dressed as a painter and decorator!

A Thai banquet, friendly chat and dancing till dawn - how can you top that? Well I will tell you by enjoying a breakfast at a greasy spoon. For my readers abroad a greasy spoon full english is a delicacy that must be enjoyed after a night on the tiles. We retired for a day under blankets on the living room floor to watch 80s film triumph Labyrinth followed my nature shows with extra monkeys. It was fab all huddled in front of the tv laughing and talking just like a giant sleepover - you don't get many of these when you're in your thirties.

All in all a thoroughly brilliant weekend - thank you team I love you lots! xo

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