Friday, 1 July 2011

Nic's giant to do list

Two nights ago Joe and I went to start our registry list for the very soon impending wedding. Maybe it was the bright lights and pretty colours, maybe it was the fact that I couldn't work the scanner properly or the fact that I find the whole concept of making a gift list a hard thing to come to terms with but I suddenly began to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Today is a new day, I have 64 days until my wedding and 63 to complete all of my pre wedding jobs. I have decided to make a really big list with everything on as previously I have had lots of smaller ones such as a craft a list, food list etc... Although when the list is long and daunting seeing everything in one place will help me get focused and ticking things off the list will be fun and deeply satisfying.

make butterfly and circle garlands
make pom poms
make pom pom garlands
make and collect photo booth props
make a photo booth sign
stitch table plans
print and laminate castle door signs etc
make direction signs for turn offs
make buttonnaires (x3)
Ask around to friends and family for decorative bird cages and fairy lights
make guest book sign 
guest book print outs
test the pops and pinwheel recipes
make dal makhani and freeze
make tarka dal and freeze
make 200 chicken balls and freeze
make 200 pizza wheels and freeze
sort out games to bring
sort out movies for the cinema room
finish playlists
- reception - during dinner - early evening - early evening - kitchen  - late evening
finish making Joe's wedding gift
make and freeze saag aloo
make and freeze food for friday night rehearsal dinner
finish sewing tablecloths
alter dress for Lucy
make a dress for India
make thank you gifts for the wedding party and helpers
wrap gifts and write thank yous
get large tubs for plates
make a packing list for the castle
make a list for photographer
decide on photos for me and Joe to have 
make mini dessert stands
make button bouquet for India
make menu cards
make a time plan for the kitchen helpers 

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  1. I have some Fairy lights and games you can borrow x