Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Portsmouth and playing with cameras

A month or so ago I went down to Portsmouth with this chap.

To visit these folks,

otherwise known as Becky, bridesmaid sister in law and future wife of Neil also pictured.

Words cannot describe how much I love the British seaside. I love bingo, the sea air, the food that is bad for you, the fairground rides, the donkeys, deckchairs, needless to say everything so I was quite excited about the trip down. It was also the first day out for the Diana Camera. In fact the whole weekend was very camera heavy, a habit Joe is slowly coming to terms with.

As my beloved Polaroid camera has been discontinued the cost of film has sky rocketed so I don't buy it that often. In an attempt to help me through the greaving period Joe's parents bought me a fuji instax. It does not have the same dewy appearence to them but it is still super fun! Here are some of the results.

Becky grows agiant arm to eat her starter.

Neil surprises Joe

A man proud of his beer

The gang

A birds eye view of the love birds

A grumpy Joe who has eaten too much

Me giving the food a big thumbs up 

My man posing outside the kebab shop, classy guy

Becky and I checking over the Instax results

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