Monday, 13 June 2011

My Summer Goals

Thank you Elsie Larson for giving me the boost that I needed to make some summer goals of my own. I know that lots of these goals are interlinked but that is a good thing for me considering how much I need to get done. Even as I sit here writing this I feel that autumn is nearly upon me, the grey skies and open heavens today my be helping that feeling. 

  1. finish off wedding diy; I have to say I am feeling like I am pretty much on track for this, however I keep adding new projects to my list, as one job get ticked off another two make it to the bottom of the list. I need more creative friends to enlist help. I am giving Joe a job of his own next week so watch this space to see how that goes - fingers crossed.
  2. move house; this one is a little out of my hands and is really an either/or on my list. Our hose is on the market but the market is slow. On the other hand if we don't move and every finger and toe crossed that we do, I will be getting a new work room. Joe and I will be having a big house re-arrange and the lounge will become a workroom for me as I have long since out grown the study. So regardless of moving I will be starting a sister blog to Archie and the Rug with home style and diy. 
  3. cater my wedding; yes this is related to the whole wedding vibe but I am a big food lover and it is so important to me that people are well fed. Our wedding is a weekend event and a great chance for us to see our family and friends that live far away and we get the castle to ourselves for that time so the rehearsal dinner and after math we will get to be together, fun fun fun. Lots of food and love.
  4. get my bike serviced; this is something I have been putting off because of all this wet weather we have had, but if it is not done now it will not be ready when the sunshine arrives. As an add on to this goal I need to get a new bike shed.
  5. learn more html; this is for my blog re-vamp. I have already had a few books that have turned out to be too simplistic and not shown me how to do what I need to do. If anyone has any recommendations for books or helpful websites please leave me your tips in the comment box.
  6. go camping with Joe in Marmaduke; below is a photograph of my camper van Marmaduke. He, like many things in my life is in need of a spruce up. However although I have been away many times, sometimes for work, Joe and I have not just had a quiet, romantic weekend together in Marmaduke. This is something I want to change this summer.

This is me and my maid of honour Lucy in Marmaduke 


  1. Sounds like a really fun summer ahead of you! I love the picture at the bottom, too. :]

    Good luck meeting your goals!