Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The great big camera sort!

Last Night I decided to make a start on sorting out the SLR camera collection. A long task and it is still not completed. It's funny how you don't realise how much you have accumulated until you get it all out at once. Take a look;

Camera Inventory

Camera Bodies
Olympus OM1 x 3
Olympus OM2 x 2
Pentax MESuper

Olympus 75mm – 150mm zoom
Olympus 135mm x 2
Olympus 50mm (standard lens)
Olympus 24mm wide angle
Olympus 28mm wide angle
Olympus 85mm macro
Olympus 75mm – 300mm macro

Tamron 28mm – 70mm zoom x 2
Tamron 90mm macro
Tamron 28mm wide angle
Tamron  500mm tele-macro

Sigma 400mm Telephoto (with integral mount)

Flashes & Accessories
F280 Flash
Ring Flash Sets x 2 (and controller)
Ring flash proper
T32 Flash x 2
T20 Flash
Flash Power Pack
Flash mount with hotshoe

Camera Accessories
Olympus winder for continuous shooting
Cable release x 3
Eye piece adaptor for fine focus macro work x 2
Parallax view finder

Olympus macro extension tubes (set of 3 as 1)
Olympus macro extension tube
Olympus microscope adaptor

General Accessories
Nikon enlarger lens


Ifochrome Filters for enlargers

49mm – 52mm converter
Polarizing 5mm Jessops Filters

  • full set x 2 

  • Polarizing 49mm x 4
  • Polarizing 55mm
  • Polarizing 60mm
  • Soft-spot 55mm
  • 80B 49mm
  • Neutral density 2 49mm
  • *8 49mm
  • 85B 49mm
  • 1A 49mm Skylight
  • 1B 49mm Skylight
  • Green B/W 49mm
  • 81B 49mm
  • 1B 55mm Skylight
  • UV filter 49 mm
  • Magnifying filter 55mm
  • Diffuser 49mm


  1. I love old film SLR's. I recently dug out my old Olympus OM10 with a 50mm f1.8, 28mm f2.8 and a 70-210mm zoom. I have shot 4 rolls of film through it in the last couple of weeks so am waiting to finish the fifth and looking forward to seeing what's come out of it!

  2. Fun, I would hate for film to die. I have a roll from a vintage german camera that I found in the fles market that I am waiting to finish. I have no idea what will come out!

  3. You should get a non-digital lens adaptor, Tim did a while back.