Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Full of nostalgia - classic childrens telly

I had a very self indulgent Sunday today watching old shows from my childhood and I though I would share some of my favourites with you.

Starting with my all time firm favourite "The Littlest Hobo". This show has to have one of the best theme tunes ever and it reminds me of early Saturday mornings when I used to stay over with my Granny because my Mum worked nights at the weekends. We would get up early and eat breakfast in front of the TV, which was a big treat at the time as I didn't have one at home.

The premise of the show was the littlest hobo (played by London the dog) traveled America stopping only to fix peoples lives and sometimes fight crime, flawless!

Another firm favourite for me was Rentaghost. Now I have heard disturbing news that this childhood memory is about to be re-made into a modern film I am very upset about this. The show was based around Mr. Mumford who I had a crush on as a girl,(Mr Mumford is the first on screen in the you tube video below), who sets up an agency for ghosts who had unsuccessful lifes the first time round. I think the theme tune will tell you better than I will. 

Supergran was Sunday afternoons. An ordinary Sctottish grandmother gets super powers and naturallly starts to use them to fight crime. My gran would watch this with me and say the same thing every week, "would you rather have a super granny like that or me" and I would say I would rather have her and she would give me a big squeeze hug and laugh. The theme tune is sung by comedian Billy Connelly!

Last but not least, aimed at younger views but a show that I had a love for once more as I became older, a huge hit with students, Button Moon! Here as a treat is an episode for you.

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