Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Think Happy Thoughts

Yes the economy is still in a bad state and yes there are things happening in the world that give us cause to worry and feel down. In these times I believe that it is important to find joy and comfort in small pleasures, a sentiment that is echoed in this graffitti I spotted in Manchester. After all the sun is still shining. 

Here are a few simple pleasures;

  • hugging a dog
  • walking in sunshine
  • reading a book in a tree
  • listening to good tunes
  • chats with loved ones
  • holding hands
  • drinking tea
  • puddle jumping
  • dancing in a ridiculous fashion
  • eating cheese
Please leave a comment below and let me know one of your simple pleasures!


  1. heres some....
    going on the trampoline
    going to drama
    spinning round
    going on the waltzers
    watching Mr.Bean
    laughing till you cry

  2. .....Cuddling with Mr. McGough....Cuddling with Dusty the cat....Saturday night suppers with Mr. McGough....Reading before bed.....Scossages...Catching up with old friends...